Privacy Policy

Armoured Security (Canada) Inc. (the “Company”) is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy outlines the Company’s policy explaining information gathering and usage so you can make an informed decision about protection your privacy. This Privacy Policy applies to the Company and all of its websites and subsidiaries.


The Company occasionally collects information from its users for a variety of uses (outlined in "Regarding the Use of Collected Information"). The Collection of Information by the Company is done both through the information that you, the User (hereby referred to as "the User"), provides to the Company. In addition, the Company may collect information about how you use the Company’s website, such as which areas of the site the User visits and for how long.

The resulting collection of information is used to provide the User with services and to analyze, improve, and troubleshoot the Company’s website.


No personal information is gathered through the use of cookies on this site. However the User should be aware that we use cookies in order to improve User experience and so disabling cookies may cause some features or content of this website to become unavailable.

The information which the User has provided to the Company may be viewed and accessed by any other Visitor or User of the Company’s website. The Company strives to ensure that, although cannot guarantee, the information provided by Users is secure and viewable by legitimate users. Users should not post information that they deem highly sensitive on the Company’s website for their own security and safety. In the event that the Company collects information from a User to place an order or initiate an arrangement or discussion, the information is used to fulfill this order and improve the Company’s services and features. Other than as required to complete an order requested, the information provided by the User when placing an order is not shared by the Company with any third-parties.


The Company may utilize Third-party advertising. These Third-party companies are permitted to collect information such as cookies, pixel tags, website usage, IP addresses, and other information. Third-parties will NOT automatically collect your telephone number, name, or email address without your consent.

The information which is collected by Third-parties may be used to provide advertising which may be of interest to you and for the Third-Party's own analysis and use. The collection and use of this information collected by Third-parties is not under the control of the Company and the Company takes no responsibility for the use or dissemination of this information.


The User data available about you on the Company’s website is only what has been submitted by the User. Please note the information that a User posted to the Company’s website and has been accessed by another User or Third-party is no longer under the control of the Company and therefore the Company has no ability to modify or delete that data.


The Company uses the latest security measure to protect User data and to ensure that all Users enjoy the privacy and protection they deserve. Although the Company takes every precaution it is impossible to guarantee the security of User data. Company website Users can be assured that despite this, the Company has put in place appropriate physical and electronic security measures to ensure the protection of the Company website Users.


This Privacy Policy may be modified or altered at anytime, without notice. The Company recommends that the User checks the Privacy Policy frequently in order to have the most up to date information.


If after reading this Privacy Policy you have any questions or concerns about the Company or its policies please email: